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Phat Scooters


The Original Electric Golf Scooter. 

"Double the adventure of a golf round, playing faster, playing better and having more fun. Travel directly to your own ball, allowing more time for pre-shot routine and golf shot execution, and more time to enjoy the scenery of a golf course. Stay focused on your own game, not getting distracted by a fellow golfer having a bad day. Minimize the environmental damage of playing a golf course. Phat Golf Scooters are lighter vehicles that create less wear and tear than a golf cart, which weighs 10 times more than the Phat Golf scooter."

We have 8 Phat Scooters at Whirlwind Golf Club and do not take reservations in advanced. They are on first come, first served basis. To take one of these out for play we require guests to quickly fill out a waiver of liabilty online before our educated golf staff gives a personal tutorial on how to curise around the course on the Phat Scooter. Want to rent one for you next round? It's only an additional $20+tax for a ton of Phat Scooter fun!