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Our Instructors

Expert Golf Instruction at Whirlwind

Whirlwind Golf Club’s instruction team stands as a beacon for enthusiasts seeking a transformative learning experience, integrating Trackman, Capto, and video analysis to elevate your game. Trackman's state-of-the-art launch monitor offers real-time feedback on swing, club delivery, and ball flight, enabling personalized coaching. Complementing this, we employ Capto, a revolutionary putting analysis system, refining your putting technique for consistent performance on the greens. Through high-definition video analysis, our instructors provide comprehensive insights into posture, alignment, and swing dynamics. We blend tradition with innovation, for golf instruction that caters to all skill levels. Join us on the journey to unlock your full potential and improve your golf game.

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    Brandon has over 10 years of teaching and coaching experience. His philosophy is for students to gain an understanding of what causes errant shots, then build an individualized plan on how to improve. During his time coaching at the college level, he stressed the importance of course management to all of his students. Brandon also has an extensive background with club fitting as he is a certified fitter with manufacturers such as PING, TaylorMade, Cobra, Callaway, and Titleist. Brandon oversees the instruction program here at Whirlwind including private lessons, golf schools, club fittings, and junior programs. 


    Coby is a seasoned professional golfer with over 15 years experience in the sport, as well as competing at the professional level.  Beyond his achievements on the course, he has a deep passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge to improve others.  With his belief that no two golf swings are alike, Coby has developed a teaching philosophy that creates personalized practice plans for each student that best suits their individual goals. He would love to work with you and is committed to help you enhance your game by achieving success on and off the course. 

    Golf has been a passion of mine since I began playing at 15. I took the game more serious when I began playing in college and various mini tour events. That has lead over to becoming more passionate about the teaching side of the game. Working with previous coaches I saw the joy and excitement growing the game in students become more of passion of mine. I am willing to work with juniors, less experienced, and more seasoned golfers. I keep my instruction straightforward, simple, and easy to understand. We will focus on the area that you feels needs the most attention and grow from there. Being a part of the Whirlwind instructor’s team is exciting, I cannot wait to share that excitement with my students. I look forward to working with you and seeing the progression in your game.